Kerowood terraces

Ecologically friendly bamboo wood of exceptional quality with a 10-year warranty and European certificates of resilience and endurance.

The wood is made from Moso bamboo that provides greater dimensional stability, hardness, fire safety and endurance. It is installed in more than 40 countries worldwide and Europe in different climate conditions.



Kerowood parquets

Extremely solid and resilient oak parquet with a 35-year warranty.

The parquet is produced in a sustainable controlled forest, suitable for both home and commercial spaces. It is modern-day looking with an invigorating character.



Our main and only fortune.



Frequently asked questions

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We post the most common questions relating to our services and products. In case of further questions, please write to us and we will be happy to answer them.

After a certain time, Kerowood bamboo starts getting grey patina, like all other tropical wood species when not oiled (after app. 6 months). In the case of regular maintenance, it maintains the original colour.

Kerowood Bamboo is the only outer coating that has European resistance and endurance certificates for when it comes into contact with water and soil. It is suitable for open terraces, swimming pools, facades or fences. It is installed in more than 40 countries worldwide in different climate conditions from -40 °C to +45 °C.
The most appropriate sub construction is made of wood which is identical to the wood of the boards, as the same wood ages similarly, thereby preventing uneven aging, which over time destabilizes the terrace. At Kerowood, we have a sub construction from identical bamboo, which is rare in other types of wood or does not occur at all. Of course, bamboo can also be attached to an aluminum substructure.
Bamboo is one of the hardest and dimensionally the most stable types of wood. It does not shrink, stretch, cleave, and expand like most other wood. The boards that are 140 mm wide do not come off, which is why it is classified as real teak. Its broken fiber structure is crushed with resin, pressed under 2300 kg of pressure and then heat-treated at 200 °C, to give a further 50% of increased resistance and hardness, which destroys the sugars hemicellulose that are foods for fungicide. This prevents decay and decomposition of the wood; however, unfortunately, that cannot be said for other types of wood that have their own natural resin and lose their binder - resin, which is important for wood persistence when they undergo thermal treatment. Such wood decays on the inside, which can be seen through time (contraction, expansion, cracking).
At the beginning of spring, it is recommended to gently polish the terrace with a machine that does not damage and thin the wood and lubricate it. This removes dirt and old oil. We can also polish the terrace manually using sandpaper; however, that takes time and quite a bit of knowledge. Due to dust and other dirt, the terrace must also be maintained by suitable cleaning - non - aggressive organic means, which are sprayed on the floor that has been swept. We then scrub it with a rough brush and wash it with a high-pressure scrubber, maintaining a distance of 30-35 cm. Oil if so desired. Thus we ensure that the terrace remains beautiful and long-lasting for many years.
The ideal ground for a terrace is a concrete slab at the height of between 6-7 cm from the edge of the exit point. Alternatively, the terrace can be placed on a gravel basis using classic concrete slabs to keep the moisture away. This allows for the airiness of the terrace since otherwise, the moisture starts to bend the wood and causes it to rot and decay. The terrace must be built before the parquet floor is installed in places with no access from the outside because the floor already installed can be damaged by manipulation and cutting of the material. We also avoid dirt and dust in this way. On already done premises, installing a terrace on the balcony is more demanding as it requires more time, which means increased costs.