KERO brand and company ROSKA d.o.o. guarantees the quality of sold materials and services provided for floor coverings under the following conditions:



If the warranty is approved, ROSKA d.o.o. will ensure the replacement of unsuitable material free of charge and/or correction of the installation defects, if the work is performed by the company. Parquet must be installed professionally according to the manufacturer’s instructions and according to generally applicable standards and standards for floor coverings. The commercial method of resolving the complaint is at the discretion of ROSKA d.o.o. in agreement with the buyer. The warranty applies only to the quantity of faulty material that is recorded in minutes and not for the total quantity purchased. ROSKA d.o.o. does not assume any liability for indirect damages due to poor quality products and services. The warranty is only granted if the complaint is submitted in writing within 8 days of the occurrence of the deficiency and upon the submission of the original and fully paid invoice. Obvious and visible defects of the parquet should be reported immediately in writing, not later than within 8 days, but before installation. The amount of damage recognized under the guarantee is assessed on the basis of the value of the new material and the time that has elapsed since the purchase.


If the damages are due to improper assembly of third parties and/or inadequate conditions at or after installation. If the damage is due to an inadequate surface (flatness, hardness, strength, compactness, purity, porosity, composition, etc.) or the use of unsuitable adhesives and lining. If the damage is due to moisture, wood insects, accidents, force majeure or water spillage. If, visual and/or dimensional changes and/or deformations have occurred in the parquet floor rooms due to heating, cooling, humidification or drying, which may be of a lasting or seasonal. If color changes occur due to the influence of light or aging on the floor. Tear and wear that is due to normal wear, improper renovation, inadequate cleaning, or incorrect care of surfaces (inadequate care, use of inadequate cleaning or chemical agents …). If mechanical damage (rash, scratches, imprints) occurs due to improper use, maintenance or storage, in particular damage caused by high heel shoes, furniture, stones, pets and the like.


The warranty period runs from the date of purchase. ROSKA d.o.o. and the manufacturer KERO give a 30-year guarantee on the quality of the material purchased from ROSKA d.o.o. and a two-year quality guarantee for their installation services in private homes. In case of unauthorized interference with the product, the warranty will automatically expire.