Warranty of products

Warranty of products

Warranty of Kerowood terrace

Scope of the warranty

The warranty is solid under normal housing and maintenance conditions. The warranty does not include damage caused by negligence, accidents and force majeure. It also does not include optical defects such as prints, deformations due to seasonal climatic changes or wears on the surface. Damage resulting from incorrect installation, maintenance and surface cleaning as well as mechanical and chemical damage is excluded from the warranty. Bamboo for terraces is a natural product characterized by different structures, patterns, colour tones, and therefore boards.

The change in the colour of the boards is influenced by the frequency of surface maintenance and grooming. Therefore, the colour change is excluded from the warranty.

As a result of the weather conditions, the roughness of the surface coating occurs overtime on all wooden materials.

The surface cracks and the cracks at the end of the boards may be the consequence of different characteristics of drying of the surface and transverse cross-sections. This phenomenon is typical of most types of wood and is not the reason for making a claim.

The boards may shrink after the installation. This phenomenon is typical of most types of wood and is not the reason for making a complaint.

This warranty is valid as long as the owner of the products is the original buyer. The warranty is not transferable.

Warranty conditions

To qualify for the warranty, the boards on the terrace must be installed in accordance with the instructions. In the case of non-professional and inappropriate installation, the warranty is not valid.

The board’s appearance should be in accordance with the factory design; otherwise, they cannot be a reason for a claim.

First maintenance is required immediately after the installation, then at one-year intervals. After cleaning, brush the surface with special protective oil for external surfaces (Woca natur is recommended). Inadequate maintenance is not a reason for a claim.

Scope of the warranty

The warranty is also applicable to the normal legal rights of the buyer and the rights of the consumer against the seller.

If the warranty claim is filed before the installation, we will replace the faulty boards. After the installation, no claims can be accepted, even if the defective goods are out-sorted before the installation.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by a third party (e.g., damage made during transportation).

In the case of defects that occur during the installation, we reserve the right to repair them or offer the buyer material free of charge.

Claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days from the end of the work.

Warranty period

The warranty for the work is two years (unless otherwise indicated in the invoice).

Floor coverings for which the manufacturer guarantees a longer warranty period are subject to the warranty conditions of the KERO manufacturer (10 years).

The warranty period begins from the date of acceptance (date of service provided).

In the event of unauthorized interference with a product, the warranty automatically expires.


In the case of a favourably resolved claim, we will provide a free replacement of the unsuitable material and/or the elimination of the defects resulting from the installation, up to a maximum of the value of the invoice (in the case of rotting or decomposition of the material over a period of 10 years under according to point 2 of the warranty).

We reserve the right to repair individual lamellas, boards or plates.

The warranty is valid only for the quantity (space) where the error is recorded and not for the whole area.

We are not liable for indirect damage caused by low-quality material (non-identical sub constructions or non-conforming fastening material).

The warranty shall be granted only if the application is made in writing upon submitting the original invoice and the invoice paid in full and this declaration (can be a photocopy).

Evident and visible defects that occurred during the material installation must be immediately reported in writing, no later than 8 days but before you start using the space.

Before the start of the work, the fitting surface is visually assessed for suitability. Claims resulting from errors of work previously carried out shall not be subject to the warranty.

Works not carried out according to the rules of the profession at the investor’s request shall be subject to different (agreed) warranty conditions.

Kerowood parquets warranty

The brand KERO and the company ROSKA d.o.o. guarantee the quality of the materials sold and the services provided in the area of floor coverings, subject to the following conditions:

Warranty conditions

In the case of a favorably resolved claim, the company ROSKA d.o.o. will arrange for free replacement of unsuitable materials and/or correct the shortcomings of the resulting installations if the work is done by the company within a period of 2 years from the date of service. The parquet shall be installed professionally, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and generally applicable standards and norms in the area of floor coverings. The commercial method of handling complaints is estimated by ROSKA d.o.o. in agreement with the buyer. The warranty shall apply only to the quantity of defective material as recorded and not to the total quantity purchased. ROSKA d.o.o. is not liable for indirect damage caused by poor-quality products and services. The warranty shall be granted only if the application is made in writing within 30 days of the occurrence of the fault and the original and fully paid invoice is submitted. Obvious and visible parquet faults must be reported in writing without delay, no later than within 8 days, but before the installation on the facility. The amount of warranty of recognised damage shall be assessed based on the value of the new material and the time elapsed since the purchase.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

Where the damage occurred due to non-technical installation by third parties and/or inappropriate conditions at or after the installation. If the damage was caused by an inappropriate basis (evenness, hardness, strength, compactness, purity, porosity, composition, etc.) or by the use of inappropriate glues and linings. If the damage was caused by moisture, wood insects, accidents, force majeure or by the discharge of water. Where the heating, cooling, moisturisation or drainage of spaces result in visual and/or dimensional changes and/or deformations of the parquet, which may be of a permanent or seasonal nature. If the effect of light or aging on the floor results in colour changes. If the faults are due to normal wear, non-technical restoration, lack of cleaning or false grooming of surfaces (inadequate grooming procedures, use of non-suitable cleaning or chemical agents, etc.). Where mechanical damage (cuts, scratches, impressions) are caused by improper usage, maintenance or storage, in particular damage caused by high-heel shoes, furniture, stones, pets and the like.

Warranty period

The warranty period starts at the date of purchase. ROSKA d.o.o. and KERO manufacturer give a 35-year­‑quality warranty on the material purchased from ROSKA d.o.o. and a two-year quality warranty on their own installation services in private residences. In the event of unauthorized interference with a product, the warranty automatically expires.