Oiling of wooden terraces

Oiling of wooden terraces


Terrace oiling is one of the most important aspects of wooden terrace maintenance. Many undertake the task themselves, sometimes even with means that are not suitable for tropical types of wood.

For wooden terraces, carefully selected wood types require special care and do not tolerate cheap oils. For the best effect, it is therefore wise to find an expert who will carry out the oiling with professional equipment and the best means suitable for each type of wood.

As a rule, terraces are oiled once to twice a year, before and after the season, or they can be oiled only once a year. The procedure is not overly demanding if appropriate equipment and the right means are used. First of all, it is necessary to clean the surface thoroughly and, if possible, remove the layer of old oil with a lot of dirt. A wide brush or roller is then used to evenly coat with quality oil, which is absorbed into the wood, thus protecting it.

The advantages of oiling are evident immediately and, above all, become noticeable over a long period of time. Thus we protect the surface of the wood and ensure a longer lifespan, while at the same time, we can also walk barefoot on the well-cared-for terrace.

If we do not oil the terrace, the so-called gray patina appears after 6-10 months.