Installation of wooden terraces

Installation of wooden terraces


Wooden terraces are one of the more popular types of outdoor floor coverings. The advantages of a wooden terrace are certainly its natural appearance and feel, long lifespan and simple maintenance.

Installation of the wooden terrace is done carefully and professionally.

A quality wooden terrace always stands on a quality sub construction with a suitable basis. The ideal basis for the terrace is a concrete slab at the height of between 6-7 cm from the edge of the exit point.

It is also possible to put the terrace on a gravel base. In this case, conventional concrete slabs are used for the distancing of moisture. This allows for the airiness of the terrace since otherwise, the moisture starts to bend the wood and causes it to rot and decay.

The most appropriate sub construction is made of wood which is identical to the wood of the boards, as the same wood ages similarly, thereby preventing uneven aging, which over time destabilizes the terrace.

At Kerewood, we use a sub construction made from identical bamboo, which is rare for other types of wood. The installation is also possible on an aluminum sub construction.

The fixing of the wooden part of the terrace is carried out by means of special "invisible" screws and KERO clamps.