Cleansing grinding of wooden terraces

Cleansing grinding of wooden terraces


Cleansing grinding is recommended after about 3 years, usually in the spring, before the season begins. Thus the terrace will be as ready for use as possible.

During the summer months, and also during the winter, dirt inevitably gathers on the terrace, and the effects of the weather and wear begin to show. These effects can be pretty noticeable, but they can also be quite invisible – the surface of the wooden flooring becomes rough, and scales appear that cannot be easily seen. However, we can feel them when walking barefoot on the terrace, and the rough wood will contain moisture and not dry effectively, which leads to a faster decaying of the terrace.

Surface dirt as potentially problematic floor damage is successfully combated by cleansing griding of the wooden terrace, and it is, of course, advisable that an expert with the appropriate equipment does it.

Grinding is usually done by an excentric electric grinder Kerowood PRO Cleaner with fine granulation, which allows effective elimination of dirt, old oil, and surface defects without invading the wood. Thus we successfully extend the lifespan of the wooden terrace, and we also embellish the surface vigorously and prepare it for oiling.

We sweep the terrace, grind it with the machine, vacuum thoroughly the waste dust and dirt that comes from grinding, and then start oiling.