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KERO Terraces



Kerowood terraces

Environmentally friendly bamboo of exceptional quality with a 25-year warranty.

The wood is made from Moso bamboo that provides greater dimensional stability, hardness, fire safety and endurance. It is installed in more than 40 countries worldwide and Europe in different climate conditions.

With KERA bamboo, we can create luxury outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies and pools.

Kerowood can be ordered in two colour combinations and two versions (smooth or wavy) to best connect the architecture to the warmth of the wood. The selected colours also go well with the most complex architectural forms.


KERO Bamboo was developed as an organic and permanent alternative to increasingly rare tropical wood types. The German Institute of technology, which compared tropical wood and bamboo, contributed to the development of the product.


KERO wood can be used for outdoor terraces and wallcoverings, as shown in the video below, where the customer has opted for the facade linings of the garage area. We have adjusted the boards because of the limited engine weight of the lift doors.

Special feature of Kerowood bamboo

Its special feature is the fiber structures crushed during processing and pressed under 2,300 kg of pressure to achieve the highest Brinell hardness (9.5 kg per mm2). After that, hardness and stability are improved by 50% by thermal processing at 200°C, destroying the sugars hemicellulose, which are foods for wood rot affecting the durability of wood. Without additional chemical treatment, its life is up to 30 years.

Easy to install

KERO bamboo is easy to install thanks to the tongue-and-groove system, allowing quick installation and connections without cutting and the visible gap between the planks, which is much more economical and visually perfect.

The special symmetrical shape offers a choice between a wavy or smooth surface and allows quick installation with invisible KERO clamps without screwing, which leads to tension in other outer coverings and finally to twisting and cracking so that the wood maintains its original shape.

The wood contracts and expands; it twists and bends to its natural structure. Dissecting and breaking up its natural structure with subsequent compression prevents these effects and gives the wood a perfectly stabilized shape.

Due to its broken structure and dimensional stability, KERO bamboo does not crack, expand, twist and cleave like other types of wood that have their original wood structure. It is the most stable type of wood and, due to all its advantages, falls into the class of real teak. It offers a nice, warm look and a sense of a touch of nature.

Like any tropical wood, KERO bamboo gets a grey patina after a certain time if it is not oiled.

Appearance at installation.

Appearence after five months.

Appearance after twelve months.

Kerowood offer

The outer coating can be supplied in two colours and two versions. Both smooth and ribbed upper surfaces are available.

Exceptionally resistant and quality oiled bamboo KERO sub structure in dimensions 2500 × 40 × 40. The recommended installation distance is 460 mm.

When installing, we use clamps and screws with anti-corrosion protection, which allow for invisible screwing and visual perfection.

M Comfort

Dimensions in mm: 1850 × 140 × 20

D Luxury

Dimensions in mm: 1850 × 140 × 20

Dimensions in mm: 1850 × 66 × 20

Renewable resource

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and also a very rapidly renewable natural resource. Unlike trees that renew in 40 to 60 years, bamboo can be felled every 4 to 5 years.


Bamboo processing reduces the footprint of CO2 and does not cause greenhouse gas emissions, which is why the KERO product is CO2 neutral.

FSC certificate

FSC is an international and non-profit organisation promoting sustainable forest management. The processing of KERO wood is environmentally friendly and socially just.

Poor quality material and incorrect installation

Poor quality material and unprofessional installation and maintenance can lead to a shorter lifespan of the wooden terrace and, consequently, bigger expenses.

Good planning and selection of appropriate wood are one of the more important aspects of wooden terrace construction. The life expectancy of your terrace will depend mainly on the choice of quality wood, which will serve you for a longer period of time if properly maintained.

Below, you can see the consequences of improper selection of wood type and non-professional installation of wooden terraces.

Incorrect selection and dimension of tropical wood. After a certain period of time, expansion, contracting and cracking of wood occur.

The selected type of wood, which is not suitable for uncovered terraces, especially dimensions that are too wide, as it begins to stretch and cleave.

Due to irregular drying, after a year and a half, the wood lining began to crack and decompose.

25-year warranty

Class 1 EN350

Class 4 EN335

> 9.5kg/mm2 EN1534

fireproof Cfl-s1


Non-slip surface

FSC certificate

CE certificate